The Benefits of Hiring Equipment for Worksites

With so much demand, pressure and scrutiny on any repair, engineering or construction project, the equipment you use to get the work done is one of the most important decisions you have to make. Certainly, there are some benefits to owning the necessary equipment outright – but are these benefits greatly outweighed by those of hiring? That’s what we’re looking at in this article.


Triptex - Hiring Equipment for Worksites


Why hire?

If you haven’t considered hiring equipment before, then there are a few things worth knowing from the outset. Firstly – and perhaps surprisingly – deciding to hire your equipment can give you much more control over the project itself. That’s because you only need to hire the equipment you need, when you need it. Vitally, this makes the way you approach your project much more efficient than it would by stockpiling a range of disparate equipment in advance.

Renting your equipment, too, often allows you to take advantage of equipment you might not have been able to afford or access otherwise. When it comes to safety equipment, fencing, for instance, you might already own some safety fencing that you’ve been using for years on end. But by hiring new fencing, you can improve the fundamental level of safety on site without any huge expenditure. In short, hiring equipment can open up more opportunities for you and your personnel.




As contractors, moving from job to job isn’t always the quickest or easiest thing to do. Factor in having to haul your own equipment with you and the whole endeavour becomes harder for everyone involved. When you hire equipment, you can arrange for delivery direct to the worksite, relieving much of the logistical burden from the pre-project period. At Triptex, we deliver hire equipment within 48 hours of your order – and many of our clients receive same day delivery for ultimate convenience.



What about price?

Equipment cost is always going to be the driving factor behind your decision. Hiring has a number of economical benefits over ownership, so let’s take a look at them.

  • Lower rental fees compared to outright purchase price: For some projects, buying equipment is simply not economical. The initial cost to own high-spec lighting or safety fencing will surpass the rental price for the length of your project. Triptex provide affordable hire rates for lighting and safety fencing – perfect for both short and long term use.
  • Avoid costly maintenance: Owning equipment means looking after it at all times. By renting, you avoid having to pay extra to repair or maintain equipment that is damaged, worn or faulty. Of course, you do take responsibility of looking after equipment during the hire period, but the ongoing maintenance is left to your supplier. At Triptex, we maintain all our equipment to the highest possible standards for our clients’ total peace of mind.
  • Be more selective: By hiring, you only ever need to choose the equipment you need. This allows you to plan for specific projects much better than having to buy bulk equipment which may only be used every other project – or more infrequently than that. Hiring also lets you complement your existing selection, as well as allowing you to adapt during a project. All in all, choosing to hire – especially hiring from the same supplier – is a more efficient way to approach a project.



If youre planning a construction or maintenance project and require high quality equipment such as portable lighting and safety barriers Triptex provide affordable and convenient hire options across the UK. To discuss your requirements with our team, dont hesitate to contact us today.


How a Lighting Plan Improves On-site Efficiency

There are a number of scenarios which will require the implementation of a proper lighting plan. Whether it’s for building or engineering work, or for public events such as music festivals, effective lighting will not only improve visibility, but also maximise safety, security and efficiency of operations across the area.

In this article, we’re looking at how a strategic lighting plan can improve on-site efficiency to help make your overall working environment much easier to manage.

Lighting for overnight worksites

Oftentimes, for road or railside maintenance in particular, the bulk of repair or engineering work is best carried out overnight – in order to minimise disruption to the public. However, productivity is naturally slower when visibility is compromised, so the first goal is to plan a lighting setup which facilitates clearer visibility from the outset.

Before the work is due to begin, dedicate some time to setting up an appropriate lighting plan. Liaise with your contractors to ensure that you’re aware of all the requirements of those carrying out the work, and draft in enough lights for the site so as to avoid later delays.

Lighting considerations

This all sounds simple, but the impact of an effective, robust plan can never be overstated. Here are a few more things to think about to ensure your lighting plan is as efficient as possible:

  • Choose the right kind of lighting: Your decision will mainly depend on the type of work being done and the size and layout of the worksite. For rail or road, link lighting is an attractive and efficient option – covering long distances with a quick, easy setup. For smaller construction sights, tower lights might be the way to go – their built-in generator capability can even help to power other construction equipment, maximising the efficiency of on-site operations.


  • Traffic flow: For sites with both foot and vehicle traffic, you have to ensure your traffic flow plan matches up with your lighting plan. Routes should be clearly lit and so should directional signage. Entrances and exits will require their own dedicated lighting, too, as will public-facing areas to ensure passing pedestrians and drivers can clearly see the work area and act accordingly.

Once you’ve built a lighting plan and have begun to implement it across your worksite, it’s wise to appoint one or more personnel to make sure the plan is maintained properly for the duration of the project. This will also allow you to keep on top of any changes or additions that need to be made to the plan.

Worksite safety, security and productivity

During the project, your lighting will be multifuncional, and with a proper plan, will help to improve security, safety and productivity all at once.

In terms of security, having lighting to cover entrance points and traffic routes in the worksite will allow on-site security personnel to clearly spot intruders or suspicious behaviour which would otherwise be shrouded by natural darkness.

Safety and productivity go hand in hand. If a worker cannot clearly see what is is they’re doing, not only will they be much slower to complete tasks, but they will be unsafe while doing so. If proper lighting is not in place for engineering or repair works, then a worker is better off waiting until it is. A delay like this will be costly.

Failing to plan ahead leads to disruption later on, and injuries to workers or the public can grind a project to a halt. Avoid this by making sure your lighting plan is as robust as possible before work begins, and adaptable enough to minimise delays as they happen.

Triptex provide a wide range of industrial lighting solutions for use across a range of worksites, including along the road or railside and in construction sites of all scales and sizes. We deliver quality lighting products on a short and or long term hire basis. Our lighting rental is costeffective and can be provided anywhere across the county within 48 hours. To find out more about our range of lighting solutions including link lights and portable tower lights simply contact us today.

The Benefits of Tower Lights


tower light

During any construction, engineering or maintenance project, you’ll have to make a decision on the kind of lighting that will bring the best possible visibility around your worksite.

There are a lot of options, and the location and geography of your worksite will influence which lighting solutions are appropriate. One popular choice is tower lighting, which can suit a multitude of sites and conditions. So, let’s take a look at the benefits of tower lights in more detail.

Fast, easy set-up

Portable light towers are simple and fast to erect – you don’t need any special training or anything beyond the provided step-by-step guide. For large worksites, the quick set-up speed means a significant amount of time is saved overall. That lets you get stuck into the actual work much quicker.

Easily transported

As you might expect from something with ‘portable’ in the name, portable light towers are very easy to transport. With rugged wheels attached, they can cover rough worksite terrain easily – and, thanks to their sight level indicators, they can be safely deployed on uneven ground.

Powerful lighting coverage

For all their portability prowess, tower lights wouldn’t be much use if they didn’t shine brightly. Equipped with metal halide lights – four times more powerful than tungsten halogen bulbs – tower lights provide strong lighting over a wide area. For example, on a dark, twilight worksite, our portable tower lights can cover an approximate area of 4500m².

Low noise

For worksites located near public spaces or residential areas, noise pollution is an important consideration. Tower lights need to comply with noise regulations. Our tower lights operate at 88Lwa/65DBa – making them completely suited to city centre construction sites, or even public events or festivals.

Source of power

Perhaps the most convenient benefits of portable tower lights is the fact they come with a built-in generator. This can provide a strategic power source across worksites, meaning a more efficient use of power than having to draft in additional, separate generators.

With a 240V power supply, other essential electrical units and equipment can be ran through your tower lights. Not only that, but our portable towers have a running time of 96 hours before they need to be refuelled. This is perfect for weekend work onsite or at a festival.

Wide range of applications

As we’ve alluded to, tower lights aren’t exclusive to the construction industry. While they are a valuable tool for building sites, portable tower lights also provide an efficient lighting solution for the following applications:

  • Roadside maintenance
  • Railway repair, construction and maintenance
  • Sporting events
  • Music festivals
  • Local events
  • Outdoor training events

Whatever your requirementsTriptex ensures fast delivery of mobile tower lights across the UK. We can help you find the perfect lighting solution for your project or event at competitive, costeffective hire rates. To find out more about our range of tower lights, or to discuss your project needs with us, simply contact us today.

Luminous: The Rise of the LED


Is there such a thing as the perfect lighting solution? As industries develop – along with their expectations – we’re always looking forwards to find the most appropriate technology and equipment to provide the most efficient, safe and productive working environment possible.

Lighting plays an essential role in just about any construction, demolition or engineering maintenance project, so you should never settle for anything less than the best. Over recent years, one lighting technology has risen to the forefront, and it’s about time we all took notice.

Why LED?

LED lights are rapidly becoming the standard for almost all lighting applications in our society. From household lights to city street lighting, and even our motorways, the LED revolution is in full swing. But are LED lights any better for construction sites or busy engineering maintenance projects?

In short: absolutely. There is a reason LED lights have become so popular, largely revolving around their vastly reduced energy consumption compared to metal-halide bulbs, their reliability and – of course – their brightness.

LED energy consumption

What most people look to when thinking about LED, is how energy efficient the technology is. Just a quick glance at the stats show that LED bulbs have a significantly reduced impact on power and energy demands compared to other lighting options.

For instance, with LED lights you can typically expect them to run between 50% and 80% more efficiently than other light sources. This is a massive saving even for short term construction needs.

LED lighting on the worksite

It’s not just the potential energy savings that appeal to the engineering sector; there are various practical benefits of LED lighting for all kinds of projects, too. These include handy improvements to worksite visibility, efficiency, navigation and general functionality.

Whether it’s on the railside, roadside, through a tunnel or along a large scale construction site, LED lights work to complement just about all aspects of your development.

The most obvious is visibility. The lamps in LED link lights have 4,000 lumens each – at just 30 watts per lamp. A tower light runs at 400 watts, so if you were to hire the equivalent power in LED link lights, you’d be getting around double the light coverage.

The brightness of LED lights will make it much easier for workers to navigate and carry out their work safely in low light conditions. In addition to this, LEDs have a few extra benefits which help to streamline this kind of work:

  • They reach full intensity instantly – unlike metal-halide lights which need time to warm up.
  • LED lights last longer – the lifespan of an LED bulb is 20,000+ hours.
  • Zero maintenance – LED lights won’t degrade – they are a solid state solution. This cuts out any lighting faults or issues, saving you time and money on the job.

Major savings

For demanding maintenance jobs, costs can often skyrocket. Lighting can play a part in this, but LED lights can help you to save money rather than spend it. For the money you do spend, you’re more likely to get better performance as standard.

As mentioned, the power demands of metal-halide towers are substantially more than LED link lights. That means running costs can be cut by up to 80%, so you can use the savings elsewhere on your project.

Durable, versatile and easy to use

LED lights complement a busy worksite perfectly. Through wind, rain sleet and snow, LED lights provide reliable and undeterred lighting to your site without any need for repairs or maintenance. Lamps are also versatile, highly portable and simple to use. Workers can easily create light coverage where and when required – excellent in an emergency situation.

They are also very easy to transport – the telescopic structure of the luminaire, mast and steel basket means they can be stacked and maneuvered without any hassle.

Triptex provide affordable LED link light hire to suit any and all construction, engineering and maintenance projects across the UK. From nighttime railside repairs to large scale industrial construction sites, our LED lighting solutions ensure a modern, efficient, costeffective and functional worksite at all times. To find out more about our LED link light hirecontact us today.