Rail Safety Sign

The Danger of Working in Railway Construction

Health and safety at work is something we should all value and which should come as standard, but the railway construction industry has been in the spotlight recently for the wrong reasons regarding safety. In April of this year, 51-year-old Aden Ashurst was struck and fatally injured when working on a portion of the West […]

Railway safety lights on at night

When Should I Turn My Railway Safety Lights On?

Railway safety lights are excellent for illuminating a worksite so that maintenance and construction can be continued after natural light has gone. It’s equipment that you can use at any time of the year, keeping workers safe and ensuring progress can be made if work has to continue out-of-hours. But when should you turn your […]

What If Britain Had The Bullet Train

What If Britain Had The Bullet Train?

Anyone who has ever visited a country with high-speed railway systems will no doubt be envious of how quickly you can travel from one end of the country to the other. There isn’t a more famous railway system than the Japanese bullet trains – called Shinkansen trains natively – and with this in mind, we […]

An Update on HS2: What is it and what happens next?

Technology is always advancing, and this applies to our railway systems too. Currently in the pipeline is HS2, a state-of-the-art railway system designed to improve the economic strength, connectivity and low-carbon transport of this country.  In this article, we explore what’s been done so far with HS2 and what’s planned for the future.  What is […]

Railway tracks - Triptex

How to Assemble: Magnetic Safety Barriers

Magnetic safety barriers are one of our most popular products, so as part of our “How to Assemble” series, this month we’ll be tackling how to assemble your magnetic rail safety barriers. Just as with the normal Vortok safety barriers, this equipment is vital for safety when carrying our rail construction or rail engineering works, […]

Famous Railways From Across the World - Triptex

Famous Railways From Across the World

We’ve been travelling by train since the 1800s, and while air travel in the 20th Century became the more glamorous way to see the world, there is still something alluring about railway travel. Trains operate a seemingly mundane routine daily around the world, but if you’re looking for something special when it comes to this […]

Which lights are best for site lighting? - Triptex

Which lights are best for site lighting?

Site lighting is important for many reasons, safety being chief among them, but which lights are best to light your site? With a variety of options to choose from here at Triptex, you might find yourself spoilt for choice and unsure which lights will best work to illuminate your site. There are a number of […]

The Triptex Process - Triptex

The Triptex Process

Rail safety is important, that’s why at Triptex we offer such a swift turnaround between you placing your order and receiving delivery of essential equipment such as rail safety barriers and site lighting. To help you better understand the entire process, and why we do the things we do, this month we’ll be covering the […]

How to Assemble: Vortok Safety Barriers

Engineers working alongside railway tracks with trains still passing through is an extreme hazard. While engineering works are necessary to keep the rail system running, it’s essential these works are carried out while maintaining safety standards.  To assist in safe railway maintenance, Vortok Fencing is the ideal solution. Providing rigid but adjustable fencing alongside railway […]

How to Assemble: Tower Lights - Triptex

How to Assemble: Tower Lights

Tower lights are robust and reliable lighting towers that are incredibly easy to set up and are perfect for use at outdoor events, warehouses, car parks and residential areas. Adaptable to uneven terrain, these lights are great for construction sites and rural areas. Here is a simple guide explaining how to set up a tower […]