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The Triptex Process

Rail safety is important, that’s why at Triptex we offer such a swift turnaround between you placing your order and receiving delivery of essential equipment such as rail safety barriers and site lighting. To help you better understand the entire process, and why we do the things we do, this month we’ll be covering the […]

How to Assemble: Vortok Safety Barriers

Engineers working alongside railway tracks with trains still passing through is an extreme hazard. While engineering works are necessary to keep the rail system running, it’s essential these works are carried out while maintaining safety standards.  To assist in safe railway maintenance, Vortok Fencing is the ideal solution. Providing rigid but adjustable fencing alongside railway […]

How to Assemble: Tower Lights

Tower lights are robust and reliable lighting towers that are incredibly easy to set up and are perfect for use at outdoor events, warehouses, car parks and residential areas. Adaptable to uneven terrain, these lights are great for construction sites and rural areas. Here is a simple guide explaining how to set up a tower […]

How to Plan Lighting for a Music Festival

As summer beckons, music fans across the country will be looking to flock to their festival of choice, and they will be expecting the show of a lifetime. While the musicians take centre stage, one aspect of a music festival often flies under the radar — yet has essential importance. A festival lighting plan is […]

The Benefits of Hiring Equipment for Worksites

With so much demand, pressure and scrutiny on any repair, engineering or construction project, the equipment you use to get the work done is one of the most important decisions you have to make. Certainly, there are some benefits to owning the necessary equipment outright – but are these benefits greatly outweighed by those of […]

How a Lighting Plan Improves On-site Efficiency

There are a number of scenarios which will require the implementation of a proper lighting plan. Whether it’s for building or engineering work, or for public events such as music festivals, effective lighting will not only improve visibility, but also maximise safety, security and efficiency of operations across the area. In this article, we’re looking […]

The Benefits of Tower Lights

During any construction, engineering or maintenance project, you’ll have to make a decision on the kind of lighting that will bring the best possible visibility around your worksite. There are a lot of options, and the location and geography of your worksite will influence which lighting solutions are appropriate. One popular choice is tower lighting, […]

The Advantages of Magnetic Safety Barriers

During essential railway maintenance or construction works, the safety of on-site personnel is always paramount. Investing in modern railway safety solutions not only safeguards workers, but it will also complement a more efficient working routine which should benefit all types of projects. Arguably the most effective railside safety equipment is the adjustable magnetic barrier. In […]

Luminous: The Rise of the LED

Is there such a thing as the perfect lighting solution? As industries develop – along with their expectations – we’re always looking forwards to find the most appropriate technology and equipment to provide the most efficient, safe and productive working environment possible. Lighting plays an essential role in just about any construction, demolition or engineering […]

Why You Shouldn’t Compromise on Railway Safety

In the rail industry, it cannot be expressed enough just how important it is to stay safe. When performing maintenance works on active train tracks, a worker’s safety equipment should be easy to work with, but completely reliable. The prevention of avoidable accidents is always a primary goal. In this article we’re looking at how […]