Railway safety lights are excellent for illuminating a worksite so that maintenance and construction can be continued after natural light has gone. It’s equipment that you can use at any time of the year, keeping workers safe and ensuring progress can be made if work has to continue out-of-hours.

But when should you turn your railway safety lights on specifically? There is only a certain amount of daylight at any given point in the year. We all know summer sees the longest hours of daylight, so this month, we’ve taken a look at what time you can roughly expect to turn your safety lights on at different points in the year.

Railway safety lights on construction site

Note: Sunrise is the earliest possible chance of natural sunlight, but still might require artificial lighting. Likewise, you may need to turn on your site lights an hour or so before sunset, depending on how overcast the day is. Always ensure you have enough light before carrying out any essential works.


Sunrise: Between 0741 and 0806
Sunset: Between 1602 and 1647
Approximate hours of daylight: 8 hours


Sunrise: Between 0647 and 0740
Sunset: Between 1649 and 1740
Approximate hours of daylight: 9 hours


Sunrise: Between 0544 and 0645
Sunset: Between 1742 and 1933
Approximate hours of daylight: 11 hours


Sunrise: Between 0534 and 0635
Sunset: Between 1934 and 2023
Approximate hours of daylight: 13 hours


Sunrise: Between 0450 and 0532
Sunset: Between 2024 and 2108
Approximate hours of daylight: 15 hours


Sunrise: Between 0443 and 0449
Sunset: Between 2109 and 2122
Approximate hours of daylight: 16 hours


Sunrise: Between 0448 and 0523
Sunset: Between 2049 and 2121
Approximate hours of daylight: 16.5 hours


Sunrise: Between 0525 and 0612
Sunset: Between 1948 and 2048
Approximate hours of daylight: 16 hours


Sunrise: Between 0614 and 0700
Sunset: Between 1840 and 1946
Approximate hours of daylight: 14 hours


Sunrise: Between 0642 and 0741
Sunset: Between 1635 and 1837
Approximate hours of daylight: 11 hours


Sunrise: Between 0655 and 0743
Sunset: Between 1555 and 1633
Approximate hours of daylight: 10 hours


Sunrise: Between 0744 and 0806
Sunset: Between 1551 and 1601
Approximate hours of daylight: 8 hours

At Triptex, our advice is to gauge the light levels before deciding what time to turn your safety lights on. Despite the fact that the sun rises and sets with a fair degree of regularity, the weather conditions could also impact how much natural light you have. We also supply solar lighting towers, which switch on when it’s dusk and turn back off again once the levels of natural light have increased, making your job even easier. Of course, solar lights rely on 1-2 sunny days in order to recharge but can last for roughly two weeks on a full charge.

To discuss our range of link lights and tower lights available or for more details on rail construction site lighting, simply contact us today or fill out our quick quote form and a member of our professional team will be in touch.