The Benefits of Hiring Equipment for Worksites

With so much demand, pressure and scrutiny on any repair, engineering or construction project, the equipment you use to get the work done is one of the most important decisions you have to make. Certainly, there are some benefits to owning the necessary equipment outright – but are these benefits greatly outweighed by those of hiring? That’s what we’re looking at in this article.


Triptex - Hiring Equipment for Worksites


Why hire?

If you haven’t considered hiring equipment before, then there are a few things worth knowing from the outset. Firstly – and perhaps surprisingly – deciding to hire your equipment can give you much more control over the project itself. That’s because you only need to hire the equipment you need, when you need it. Vitally, this makes the way you approach your project much more efficient than it would by stockpiling a range of disparate equipment in advance.

Renting your equipment, too, often allows you to take advantage of equipment you might not have been able to afford or access otherwise. When it comes to safety equipment, fencing, for instance, you might already own some safety fencing that you’ve been using for years on end. But by hiring new fencing, you can improve the fundamental level of safety on site without any huge expenditure. In short, hiring equipment can open up more opportunities for you and your personnel.




As contractors, moving from job to job isn’t always the quickest or easiest thing to do. Factor in having to haul your own equipment with you and the whole endeavour becomes harder for everyone involved. When you hire equipment, you can arrange for delivery direct to the worksite, relieving much of the logistical burden from the pre-project period. At Triptex, we deliver hire equipment within 48 hours of your order – and many of our clients receive same day delivery for ultimate convenience.



What about price?

Equipment cost is always going to be the driving factor behind your decision. Hiring has a number of economical benefits over ownership, so let’s take a look at them.

  • Lower rental fees compared to outright purchase price: For some projects, buying equipment is simply not economical. The initial cost to own high-spec lighting or safety fencing will surpass the rental price for the length of your project. Triptex provide affordable hire rates for lighting and safety fencing – perfect for both short and long term use.
  • Avoid costly maintenance: Owning equipment means looking after it at all times. By renting, you avoid having to pay extra to repair or maintain equipment that is damaged, worn or faulty. Of course, you do take responsibility of looking after equipment during the hire period, but the ongoing maintenance is left to your supplier. At Triptex, we maintain all our equipment to the highest possible standards for our clients’ total peace of mind.
  • Be more selective: By hiring, you only ever need to choose the equipment you need. This allows you to plan for specific projects much better than having to buy bulk equipment which may only be used every other project – or more infrequently than that. Hiring also lets you complement your existing selection, as well as allowing you to adapt during a project. All in all, choosing to hire – especially hiring from the same supplier – is a more efficient way to approach a project.



If youre planning a construction or maintenance project and require high quality equipment such as portable lighting and safety barriers Triptex provide affordable and convenient hire options across the UK. To discuss your requirements with our team, dont hesitate to contact us today.


The Advantages of Magnetic Safety Barriers

During essential railway maintenance or construction works, the safety of on-site personnel is always paramount. Investing in modern railway safety solutions not only safeguards workers, but it will also complement a more efficient working routine which should benefit all types of projects.

Arguably the most effective railside safety equipment is the adjustable magnetic barrier. In this article, we’re looking at the range of benefits these convenient pieces of kit bring to even the largest scale railway engineering works.

They’re quick to put up

Most lineside jobs are put to a strict schedule, so the quicker you can get to work the better. Magnetic safety barriers are the fastest safety fencing to construct. Workers can get them in place 20 times faster than conventional safety barriers, knowing they’re working with a dependable safety line that will also be simple to take back down. This is especially convenient for jobs which are running late, or if the barriers need to come down at short notice.

Erecting a hundred meters of magnetic barrier can take only ten minutes. This translates into higher productivity and saved labour costs by cutting any delays to an absolute minimum.

They’re state of the art

The magnetic design of these barriers is what really sets them apart from other fencing options. There are no loose components to worry about, no moving parts, and they can be fitted to any railway line in the country (save for third-rails). This also makes them safer to install. The installer can stand a safe distance away from the rail while the stanchion and magnet are attached to the rail.

Once installed, this creates a clearly visible safe zone for workers, should railway traffic ever be present. The bar is adjustable, too, so this safety zone can be expanded or restricted as necessary.

There’s no need to disrupt the rail line

Conventional safety barriers often require disruption of the track ballast in order to install them. Magnetic barriers will never need this, saving much more time for every meter of barrier erected along the track. Magnetic fences also do not interfere with axle counters or DC coded track circuits, and can also be used in areas where S&C (switches and crossings) are present. The versatility of magnetic barriers make them a valuable asset for any construction, engineering, maintenance or repair project, and is one of the key benefits brought about from their unique design.


Not only does their lightweight nature make them less strenuous or labour-intensive to construct/deconstruct, it also makes them easy to transport in bulk. For large scale projects spanning hundreds of meters of track, this makes getting the barriers to the right place – and back again – simple and much faster.

They provide reliable safety

Primary above everything else is the level of safety provided by your railside barriers. Magnetic barriers are top tier for safety, and this is buoyed by their simple design and ease of operation.

The adjustable safe zone is key for busy worksites, adding clear structure along large worksites. Workers can easily enter back into the safe zone in an emergency, and the barrier is both lightweight, minimal and clean enough that it never presents an additional hazard to personnel.


If youre looking for affordable hire of the latest in magnetic railway safety fencing, look no further than Triptex. We offer prompt delivery nationwide of 46ft magnetic barrier fencing in quantities large and small. With delivery to your worksite within 48 hours of confirmation, Triptex enables you to save both time and money getting to work on your project. To find out more about our magnetic safety barriers, contact our friendly team today.