Tower lights are robust and reliable lighting towers that are incredibly easy to set up and are perfect for use at outdoor events, warehouses, car parks and residential areas. Adaptable to uneven terrain, these lights are great for construction sites and rural areas. Here is a simple guide explaining how to set up a tower light, so you can begin your event or project in no time!

Light Tower Set Up

  1. We recommend placing the base of the tower light as high as you can above the area you want to be lit up, so the lights can reach the entire area.
  2. Place the tower light base firmly on the ground, and then block the wheels from moving.
  3. Pull the tongue jack locking pin in an upwards motion then turn to a 90-degree angle, this will ensure the spring-loaded pins will snap into place. Replace the locking pin to make sure it stays in place.
  4. A grounding stud is located on the rear frame of the apparatus near the left side outrigger. Then, pull the locking pin which is located on the outrigger until the spring-loaded locking pin snaps back into place.
  5. Rotate each jack 180 degrees by pulling the locking pin on the outrigger jack, until the jack pad is facing down, then replace the locking pin.
  6. To level the trailer, turn the jack handle clockwise and continue to adjust until they are firmly in contact with the ground and continue until the wheels are approximately 1 inch off the ground.
  7. Ensure the lamps are adjusted upwards to your desired position by using the wing nuts located on the trunnion, then retighten the nuts before raising the mast. 

To raise the mast:

After checking the mast cables for wear and tear, ensure the cables are secure on each pulley. Use the winch to extend the mast upwards, making sure the electrical cord isn’t getting caught or developing slack on the way up. If so, stop immediately and contact a professional who will be able to fix it before any further damage is caused. 


Now your tower light is set up and ready to go, switch on the lights! Our tower lights have a running time of up to 96 hours, making them perfect for any weekend events or weeklong construction projects (given you only use them during the night). The low noise feature of the generator that powers the tower lights makes them compliant with noise regulations and perfect for music events such as festivals!

The team here at Triptex ensure fast delivery of mobile tower lights across the UK and our great customer service has helped us build a great reputation. We can help you find the perfect lighting solution for your project or event at a competitive rate. For more information on our products and services, please get in touch with us today.