Site lighting is important for many reasons, safety being chief among them, but which lights are best to light your site? With a variety of options to choose from here at Triptex, you might find yourself spoilt for choice and unsure which lights will best work to illuminate your site.

There are a number of factors to consider, such as the size of the site, the number of people who will need the light and how often you will need to move your lighting arrangement. Let’s take a look at the options available and the benefits of each lighting type.


Solar Lighting Towers

In a world where we’re all trying to use less energy, one way of doing this is through solar power. Save money on electricity and help the environment at the same time by purchasing or hiring solar lighting towers with us at Triptex.

These lights are ideal for your summer event – be it a festival or a wedding – as they can charge during the daytime and provide illumination once it gets dark. In addition to this, these lights are mobile and create less noise than those lights which require fuel, ensuring you get all the light you need in the right places without the disruption to the atmosphere you’re looking to create.

These lights can be raised up to 6 metres in height, with adjustable LED light modules which turn on when the sun goes down and turn off when the sun comes back up again.


Tower Lights

We have a range of tower lights, including the VT-1, VT1 Eco and the LED Luminator for hire or purchase. All of these tower lights provide lighting for a wide area and allow you to position them on uneven ground. These can be put in place on any construction site or rail project – or can be used for events, in warehouses or car parks, such is the flexibility of their use.

The Eco tower even automatically senses the ambient light in the area and turns off or on depending on when it is required to illuminate your site.


Mobile Tower Lights

Take all of the above advantages of tower lights, but combine this with the ability to move the units easily between sites. Our mobile tower lights mean you can swiftly and safely move your tower lighting arrangement, whether because you’re moving sites or to provide illumination for different areas.

A tow trailer for the road means you can hook up these tower lights and transport them around site safely at any point. Our VT-1 and VT1 Eco tower lights are available to purchase or to hire, all depending on your needs. (The LED Luminator is not included in our mobile tower range)

Link Lights

Available to hire from Triptex, Linklites provide an energy-efficient way of illuminating long distance sections of your site. Whether you’re working on a rail line, road or through tunnels, you can link these lights together in a daisy-chain of powerful floodlights. With a 2 kVA generator and two outputs, you can utilise up to 50 Linklites at once with spikes, masts, cables and baskets (included in the rental price).


If you’re still unsure as to which lights will best suit your project or event, simply fill in our quick quote form at the top of the page and let us know what you need site lighting for – alternatively, you can call us on 0800 030 6972. Whether you operate in engineering or event planning, we can assist you with the best possible site lighting solution for your needs.