Rail safety is important, that’s why at Triptex we offer such a swift turnaround between you placing your order and receiving delivery of essential equipment such as rail safety barriers and site lighting.

To help you better understand the entire process, and why we do the things we do, this month we’ll be covering the Triptex process. 


Step 1 – Using the Quick Quote form

The fastest way for any customer to get a quote from us for hiring any of our products is to use the Quick Quote form at the top of the page. By clicking this area, you’ll open a form. Once you’ve filled in the details, such as your company address, the product you wish to hire and the length of the hire period, you simply submit the form and we’ll be in touch.

Using this form allows us to quickly assess your requirements and provide costings in a simple, easy manner.


Step 2 – Acceptance of order

If you’re happy with the price quoted, you can then submit your order with us. It’s important to note that your contract does not come into existence until we provide you with confirmation of the order. 

You should check your order to ensure the following:

  • that the correct products have been ordered
  • that the quantities of the products ordered are correct
  • that lead time for delivery is specified


Step 3 – Delivery of products

As part of your confirmed order, you should receive a delivery date. On the date stated, our delivery vehicles will deliver to your site between 9am and 5pm.

You will then have full and proper use of the products.  Once in your possession, if you find any issues with any of the equipment, please report these to us immediately and we will be able to arrange for replacement parts to be sent out to you.


Step 4 – Returning the products

When your contract is up, you’ll be expected to return the products back to us in good repair and working order. If required, you may need to provide us with access to the site where the products are placed for inspection and removal, thus allowing us to ensure the products are kept in good condition.

The above is a basic run-through of how our processes work, but for more details, you can find our full rental terms and conditions here. Alternatively, you can contact our professional and friendly team today and we’ll be happy to help. We have years of experience in the industry, providing some of the best prices for Vortok safety barriers and site lighting to help you maintain site safety at all times and work within your budget.