Magnetic safety barriers are one of our most popular products, so as part of our “How to Assemble” series, this month we’ll be tackling how to assemble your magnetic rail safety barriers. Just as with the normal Vortok safety barriers, this equipment is vital for safety when carrying our rail construction or rail engineering works, but is so much simpler to assemble and install.

Steps 1-4 will cover the installation of magnetic safety barriers, while steps 5-6 will cover the dismantling stages.


Step 1

When the magnetic safety barriers are delivered to you, it will likely come in a series of dedicated bins or cradles. The horizontal portion of the barrier, with the magnet at the end, may already be attached to the upper, vertical portion. The connection between the two stanchions is adjustable to allow you to dictate the level of clearance needed from the tracks.


Step 2

The magnetic portion of the stanchion can be connected to the web of the tracks, with no need to get close to the rails themselves. These should be connected at roughly 3-metre spacings to provide the basis of the safety fencing structure. Magnetic clamps mean there is no need to disturb ballast in the same way as when installing standard rail safety fencing, this helps to avoid respiratory issues which come with such a task.


Step 3

Once the magnets have been clamped into place and the vertical stanchions have been bolted in at the required clearance distance, you can begin to clip the fence poles into place; both the upper and lower potions, both laid horizontally and perpendicular to the stanchions attached to the rails.


Step 4

If a gate is required, this should be factored into the connection points along the rails. Once the magnets are in place a run of rail safety barrier can be installed in next to no time at all, with minimal fuss and manpower. 


Step 5

Removing magnetic safety barriers is even simpler – it’s essentially the reverse of steps 1-4. The first step of which is removing the poles from the bayonet couplings. Once these are removed, you should be left with the vertical and horizontal stanchions.


Step 6

The magnetic clamps are sturdily attached to the rail to provide a strong barrier, but by using the vertical stanchion to lift the horizontal portion towards the rails, you will then release the magnet allowing you to pull the system away. The whole bracket can be replaced in the bins or cradle provided.


Safety equipment needed for assembling magnetic safety barriers

It’s that simple. You can save time, money and increase safety for your team by using magnetic safety barriers for your rail project. With no need to remove and replace ballast, this is the easiest way to provide a safe working environment. You can learn more about the advantages of this barrier system here or you can follow our previous article on installing standard Vortok safety barriers here.

For more assembly instructions, see our pdf guide. To buy or hire magnetic safety barriers, simply contact us today on 08081649159 or fill out our quick quote form at the top of the page.