Engineers working alongside railway tracks with trains still passing through is an extreme hazard. While engineering works are necessary to keep the rail system running, it’s essential these works are carried out while maintaining safety standards. 

To assist in safe railway maintenance, Vortok Fencing is the ideal solution. Providing rigid but adjustable fencing alongside railway tracks, at Triptex we’re the largest stockist for refurbished Vortok Safety Barriers in the UK. To assist with the assembly of your Vortok barriers, we’re providing a short guide so that you can implement safety measures where required.

Vortok Safety Barriers


Part 1: Installation of the barrier

  • Safety barriers should be installed in accordance with the document provided, giving sanctuary every 40 metres
  • Clamp barrier arms to any flat bottomed or bull headrail
  • At the point a gate is required, place uprights 80cm apart
  • Fit the blue poles horizontally between the uprights, using the lower of the two clips for both the top and bottom poles
  • Alternate between the top and bottom clips on each section to create a continuous barrier
  • Leave roughly 5cm of pole extending past the clip into any gateway


Part 2: Installation of the gate

  • Remove the locking pin from the bottom of the gate post, leaving it to hang
  • Face the gateway opening from the safe zone 
  • Hold the gatepost with the upright on your left, the open side facing out to you
  • Place the open back over the left-hand upright of the gateway opening
  • Ensure the four downward tongues on the gate post clip into the four, round tubes on the barrier pole
  • Ensure the yellow gatepost then clips into the upper clip on the right-hand post of the gateway
  • Allow for a 10cm overhang of the yellow bar past the right-hand gateway upright
  • Replace the locking pin through the gate post and flip over the retaining clip to keep it in place – this locks the gate post to the upright


Part 3: Disassembling of your Vortok Safety Barrier

  • To disassemble to Vortok Safety Barrier, reverse part 2 and then part 1
  • When transporting the gates, where possible, try to keep them in the special stillages supplied upon delivery to protect them


Once your Vortok Safety Barriers have been properly assembled and installed, workers will be safe to operate in the area. This allows trains operating at 100mph to pass through while workers in the area are protected. You can even reuse all components of the safety barrier again for future projects.

As the only universal rigid barrier system, at Triptex we provide swift delivery of Vortok Safety Barrier with excellent customer service. Speak to us today about your requirements and our expert team will be happy to help discuss the right products and services for your operations.