Mobile Tower Lights

Our Lighting Towers provide a very wide lighting area and are easy to set up. Four adjustable stabilizers and a level indicator provide the opportunity to position and use the tower on different terrain and uneven ground. In addition, the complete on road tow trailer allows for easy transport and on site use.

The VT-1 Tower Light has remarkably low noise levels and a long run tank which means they are ideally suited for use at outdoor events, warehouses, car parks and residential areas. However, they are also robust and reliable enough to stand up to the harshness of modern construction sites and offer the perfect site lighting solution for highway, rail and civil projects.

The VT1 Eco Tower Light has a light detection sensor and auto stop/start mechanism that automatically switches on the unit when the ambient light has diminished. Similarly, the sensor will close down the lighting when sufficient brightness rises. There are a number of significant benefits in using the VT1 Eco Towerlight. One of which is the reduction of personnel travel to and from site to manually start or stop each set of lights. It has been calculated that reduced pollution levels of up to 30% could be achieved as the lights are only in use when the ambient lights warrants it. This represents a significant proportion of overall carbon usage reduction.

All of our tower lights are maintained to the highest standards by our in house team of qualified fitters.