Magnetic Safety Barrier Fencing

Magnetic Safety Barrier Fencing is more than 20 times faster to erect and dismantle, in comparison with conventional methods. The product requires a lot less physical effort, significantly reducing possession times and/or mobilisation costs.

This safety barrier fence provides the same level of safety that is currently available from other products in the market. The installation creates a fenced green-zone to increase the safe environment for workers. Utilising magnetic fence greatly increases the productivity of the workforce deployed to install & dismantle resulting in less overall expenditure. Magnetic fencing can be used in all railway infrastructure areas apart from 3rd Rail. The system also works well in S&C areas. The only obstacle to a sleeper level finish is the ballast shoulder which may need opening to accept the stanchion. With no requirement to remove or replace under track ballast, the barrier system is simple, safe and fast to assemble/disassemble with a magnetic attachment to the web of the rail.