Solar Lighting Tower

The LTS Solar LED Lighting Tower is the only Portable all Solar Powered LED Lighting Tower made in the UK. Our LTS is a cost-effective lighting tower designed and built to operate continually all year round including through Winter*.

Due to being solar powered, the LTS will never need fuel, never need maintenance, while reducing your carbon footprint, reducing emissions, reducing noise and fuel bills. Modern diesel lighting towers (VT-1) use roughly £80.00 per week in diesel which is instantly reduced to zero by the Solar Lighting Tower.

Housed within the framework are the latest and some of the most efficient batteries and solar panels available. The compact frame design and innovative tilting solar panel framework allows for a fast recharge time with minimal sunlight.

The mast can raise to a height of 6 meters and the 4 LED light modules can be fully adjusted to direct to where its most needed. The lights will illuminate automatically at dusk and go off at dawn once lighting levels come back up.

* While we state the LTS can run indefinitely all year round, this is dependent on the amount of sunlight available and the lighting power required. On fully charged batteries, the unit will run for approximately 2 weeks. Within this time it is estimated that the LTS will have 1-2 sunny days to partially recharge the batteries and prolong the battery life.